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Communicating with our Deceased Loved Ones

  • Avalon North 1 Washington St, Suite 4162 Dover, NH (map)

The spirits of our deceased loved ones, Ancestors, spirit guides are always with us. Come discuss the many ways they have of communicating with us, and learn about the many ways that we may communicate with them. Enjoy an open discussion in a loving and supportive conversation that will help you to find healing and peace.

Kathy Bee, a skilled shamanic practitioner, medium, and reiki master, believes that the gift of discernment of spirits is something that is given by the Creator to be shared with others. It has taken her many decades to understand, learn, and grow spiritually. Kathy believes that receiving a life-altering encounter with a deceased loved one is a priceless gift of comfort, healing, and love. Shamanic healing is the most ancient form of spirituality known to humankind and is not affiliated with any religious institution. It is the way of our Ancestors. Shamanism brings healing that can be spiritual, emotional or physical. She believes that much of the sorrows present in today’s world are a direct result of the lack of spiritual healing in today’s society.

$10-$20 Donation

Avalon North is a women's club and makerspace

Children welcome

If you have any concerns with cultural misappropriation, please contact us directly at so that we may answer your concerns.