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R & S Lecture Series ~ Völva Stav ~ Norse Myths and Goddesses

  • Avalon North 1 Washington St, Suite 4162 Dover, NH (map)

Please join us for our monthly Religion & Spirituality Lecture series
We are over the moon to hosting (all the way from Minneapolis)

Kari Tauring

A Nordic root musician, cultural educator, and spiritual leader from Minneapolis whose work in reconstructing the völva, or staff carrying woman's tradition, has a global audience.
Her thirty years of knowledge and practice of runes, Norse cosmology and metaphysics, ancient poetry and traditional folk music and dance combine to create a whole and healed root of Nordic spiritual practice from the very ancient times into the immigrant era of her Norwegian grandparents.
Her book, "The Runes: A Deeper Journey" is internationally popular and spawned an iPhone App by the same name.

She has produced three full-length recordings of Nordic mystical music from ancient sources as well as original poetry.

Traditionally, Norse spirituality was heavily female focused.
Sets of nine goddesses abound, each with Her important role in the development of human enlightenment, healing, and transformation.
The majority of information about these goddesses comes from the poetic and prose Eddas (meaning Great Grandmother poems) and the Sagas (Saga is the goddess who lives below the waterfall of space and time and is the storyteller).
These shining bright ladies are essential to the enlightenment of humans and gods alike, imparting gifts of wisdom, cleverness, and healing skills.
Leading all to these great goddesses was the völva, or staff carrying woman.

Tauring's unique mind/body/spirit system is called Völva Stav, literally the staff carriers staff.
It is designed to align the body with the Norse world tree and allow an integrated journey through the nine worlds to seek healing for öorlog, ancestor and inherited trauma, and bring up the strengths and gifts our öorlog carries.

The rhythm of staff and stick (stav and tein) along with breath and rune chant allows the individual to guide themselves in the journey towards communion with the goddesses and their own ancestors.

Join us in a journey down the Nordic root!

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