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The Joy of Living :: A meditation series w/ Jacqueline Finnerty

  • Avalon North 1 Washington St, Suite 4162 Dover, NH 03820 (map)

Are you looking to experience more joy in your life? Or maybe you’re hoping to reduce anxiety or to not get so stressed out every time you can’t find your keys. “Happiness is a mindset” may be annoying to hear but it happens to be true.

In this 3 week course we are going to explore 3 important components of happiness: Positivity, Gratitude and Kindness. We’ll discuss how each of these works to make us feel happier and how we can incorporate these into our daily lives. Each class will end with a guided meditation.


Week 1: Positivity (June 11)
Finding the positive side of a situation can help you to feel less stressed or upset about it. Likewise training yourself to let go of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones can increase your happiness and self-worth.

Week 2: Gratitude (June 18)
Studies have shown expressing gratitude or keeping a gratitude log can increase happiness by switching your mind from focusing on what you don’t have, to being grateful for all the amazing things in your life.

Week 3: Loving-Kindness (June 25)
Showing kindness to others not only makes them feel good but also makes you feel better too. Most importantly we will talk about showing kindness to ourselves, something most of us don’t do enough of.

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Part of Avalon North’s mission is to work against age division. A subset of that is our wish to engage mothers with children in tow, as we feel much of American society prefers mothers with children to stay at home or confine themselves to the McDonald's ball pit. We will actively fight against this compartmentalization of motherhood.

In addition to our kid-centered events programming, our Child Welcoming Policy is as follows:

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