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Make your own BOOB OIL w/ Molly Branch

  • Avalon North 1 Washington St, Suite 4162 Dover, NH 03820 (map)

BOOB OIL (breast health is very serious)
Did you know that our breasts tend to be the least touched parts of our bodies? Crazy, right? For something our culture is so obsessed with, they receive such little loving touch from us.

Do you know about the lymphatic system? It's our body's waste management system, filtering toxins and dumping them into our fatty breast tissue. When we restrict our breasts by wearing a bra, this causes lymphatic stagnation. If you have sore, tender breasts, you are dealing with some level of lymphatic stagnation. Breast massage can help!

Have you noticed that we are surrounded by countless beautiful plants? Many of these plants are considered "weeds" but are actually some of our greatest allies in healing! There are herbs specifically indicated in supporting healthy lymph flow and breast tissue.

At this workshop, we will be making an infused herbal oil to take home
discussing the lymphatic system and the plants used to help lymph
and learning specific techniques for breast massage

Advance Tickets Required
$25 members
$35 non-members

Avalon North's fearless herbal educator is Molly Branch

Molly spent much of her childhood trying to practice Wiccanism, inspired by Willow from Buffy the Vampire slayer. The witch identity simmered away as she grew up and went to UNH, where she studied English Teaching and Women's Studies - only to discover (during her last semester!) that she didn't want to be an English teacher after all, and had become jaded by the constant uphill battle fighting the hegemonic capitalist white male supremacist state of things. She decided she needed to heal, and returned to her childhood dream of becoming a witch. Spending two years mostly self-taught and attending various workshops and mini-herbal courses, Molly decided to dive in deep with a two-year apprenticeship in Plant Spirit Medicine at the Gaia School of Healing in Putney, VT. While so many things have felt muddled, the path to becoming a healer and working with plant medicine has been a strong, clear, and truly magical calling. Molly is passionate about most things, but especially women's health and healing and sharing what she's learned with others. She is currently taking an advanced herbal apprenticeship with Mischa Schuler at Wild Carrot Herbs in Portland, ME., and has recently earned her Reiki I attunement. She is the manager the Herbal Path in Portsmouth. In her free time she draws and paints, reads books, cooks vegetarian food, and plays the harp.

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Part of Avalon North’s mission is to work against age division. A subset of that is our wish to engage mothers with children in tow, as we feel much of American society prefers mothers with children to stay at home or confine themselves to the McDonald's ball pit. We will actively fight against this compartmentalization of motherhood.

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