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Creepy NH Hike to a Creepy Thing w/ Taylor Barclay

  • Avalon North 1 Washington St, Suite 4162 Dover, NH 03820 (map)

As warm weather finally draws near, Avalon North will be shifting much of our event's focus to the beautiful outdoors of NH. Taylor Barclay is Avalon's leading authority on all things creepy and ghostly. She is thrilled to man the helm of our creepy hike series. Once a month we will travel to some haunted corner of NH to explore. Always advisable to bring a towel and bathing suit when in the company of Taylor. Girl likes water, like a lot. She'll swim in anything anywhere anytime. So prepare as you see fit.

We will meet at the club at 10am. RSVP through eventbrite is required. We will be carpooling. Bring a day pack with water, snacks, bugspray, sunscreen, etc. You're all New England Residents so pack like it. This event will be updated with the actual destination and expected duration as we get closer (10-2 is an estimate)

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Part of Avalon North’s mission is to work against age division. A subset of that is our wish to engage mothers with children in tow, as we feel much of American society prefers mothers with children to stay at home or confine themselves to the McDonald's ball pit. We will actively fight against this compartmentalization of motherhood.

In addition to our kid-centered events programming, our Child Welcoming Policy is as follows:

  • Infants always welcome at all times without exception.

  • Mildly to Extremely well-behaved Children of all genders under 18 are welcome at all events, (unless otherwise noted in the case of certain adult topics or for some open hours and events where mothers and the rest of us, may enjoy a break from all children including our own)

  • If your child walks a fine line between badly and mildly well behaved (as they all have at certain points in their lives, feel free to come and try, and if you have to take the little darling home, there will be no judgment and you will be reimbursed the cost of your admittance)

  • If the event is not geared specifically for children, please be aware that this is an adult women’s club and adults will be speaking freely and sometimes swears happen. We welcome and adore children, but we do not give them thrones

  • Children under 14 are free with an adult ticket