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Abortion Club

The 8 blood tents have been defined and assigned a mother.

We will reconvene
with updates


Blood Tent 1 :: NH Legislation :: Liz
Blood Tent 2 :: Demedicalization//Education :: Paige
Blood Tent 3 :: NaNAF updates (if any) Jamie
Blood Tent 4 :: Battle Map :: Jacqueline + Jocelyn
Blood Tent 5 :: NH Campaigns :: BeeDubs (sub Jocelyn)
Blood Tent 6:: Satanic Temple//Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft :: Natalie
Blood Tent 7 :: Abortion Doula Training:: Paige
Blood Tent 8 :: The Old stories:: Jacqueline + Jamie

Ideally this will be a one hour meeting and each tent may break off to continue work on site for the duration of our open hours, if they so wish.

We are seeking a secretary to keep minutes if anyone is interested and not already mothering a tent

All members are welcome, if this is your first meeting, we move quickly and stay on task.
Newcomers please reserve your questions and comments until the conclusion of the meeting when you are free to connect with a senior member or tent mother who will answer your questions. After the meeting you may request to join a blood tent if you have a skill that will contribute to the fulfillment of our ends. At your second meeting you may participate fully.
Members only (no guest passes available for this event)