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::The Avalon Fairytale Pop-Up Dinner series:: w/ Chef Michelle Cross

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Details and Tix coming soon
This month :: ITALY ::

Menu TBA
We will be exploring the ancient cult of Diana and stories of the goddess of the moon and the hunt

Michelle is a New Hampshire born chef and artist. While naturally developing artistic skills growing up, her mother was an ever-present influence in the culinary arts. This passion to feed friends and family turned into a 20-year career in various coastal restaurants and personal catering. Ten years in the beloved Ogunquit restaurant, 98 Provence, she learned about French pastry and bistro fare. Learning just enough of the French language, she was able to travel two months solo through Paris and Nice.
The Blue Moon Market (now Blue Moon Evolution), Aneke Jan’s, and Ristorante Mossimo are other establishments she spent time refining her craft.
As a member of Avalon North, she looks to connect with the community here, further enhancing a life of creativity and sustenance.

Jocelyn Toffic is the founder of Avalon North and also a New Hampshire born artist. She has spent much of her adult lifetime studying fairytales and mythologies of the world. In recent years she has been most consumed by Nordic mythologies and the Sagas of Iceland. Within these stories packaged so prettily some, and others so grotesque, is the root of our humanity. It is strange and primal and magical. It is everything modern ordinary societies would like us to suppress. We at Avalon resist. We believe Magic is real, and all around us. We keep the old ways. We speak the old stories.

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Part of Avalon North’s mission is to work against age division. We encourage all ages:: teens to octogenarians:: as we know we all have much to learn and much to teach.
Knowledge shared = magic.