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Fairytale Dinner Series :: MOROCCO :: w/ Chef Michelle Cross

  • Avalon North 1 Washington St, Auite 4162 Dover, NH (map)

Part art installation Part culinary adventure

Join us for a family style dinner and visceral experience inspired by the vibrancy of Morrocco! Luxuriating on bountiful pillows, and sipping ice cold mint tea, we’ll gather for some traditional Moroccan fare. We will be installing a tent and silks and the air will be swirling with the aromas of spice, citrus, rose, and cedar wood. Stay for some sweets and a movie projected big screen on our studio wall. Wear your most comfortable and colorful lounge wear, bring your slippers, we are in for a treat.

As we dine we will explore fairytales
from the book Moroccan Folktales by Jilali El Koudia

Drawing on stories he heard as a boy from female relatives, Jilali El Koudia presents a cross-section of utterly bewitching narratives. Filled with ghouls and fools, kind magic and wicked, eternal bonds and earthly wishes, these are mesmerizing stories to be savored, studied, or simply treasured. Varied genres include anecdotes, legends, and animal fables, and some tales bear strong resemblance to European counterparts, for example Aamar and his Sister (Hansel and Gretel) and Nunja and the White Dove (Cinderella). All capture the heart of Morroco and the soul of its people. In an enlightening introduction, El Koudia mourns the loss of the teller of tales in the marketplace, and he makes it clear that storytelling, born of memory and oral tradition, could vanish in the face of mass and electronic media.

Around our Table:

Traditional wheat couscous with grilled zucchini and pickled tomato kebabs
Chilled pearl couscous salad with cucumber and garlic yogurt
Bastilla- a sweet yet savory flakey pastry filled with buttery saffron potatoes
Lentil and preserved lemon croquettes
Eggplant tomato spread with sumac and chilies
Olive platter with dried fruits and almonds
Baguette and flatbreads for dipping and indulging
Assorted sweets and cakes soaked in honey to follow with the movie

At the conclusion of dinner, all are welcome to stay for a screening of "Tracks" (not set in or pertaining to Morocco in any way), however, it is a beautiful true story of Robyn Davidson, who in 1977, spent 9 months crossing 1700 miles of Australian desert alone with her dog and four camels.

“Because if you are fragmented and uncertain it is terrifying to find the boundaries of yourself melt. Survival in a desert, then, requires that you lose this fragmentation, and fast. It is not a mystical experience, or rather, it is dangerous to attach these sorts of words to it.”
― Robyn Davidson, Tracks: One Woman's Journey Across 1,700 Miles of Australian Outback

Advance Tickets required
$55 members
$65 non-members

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