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Religion & Spirituality Lecture Series ~ PAGANISM

Please Join us at ::Avalon North:
Thursday March 7 at 6:30
For the third installment of our Religion and Spirituality Series


How does paganism differ from the mainstream Judeo-Christian religions?
How is the pagan path compatible with women’s issues and environmental concerns?
Where are pagans contributing globally in the interfaith movement?
Paganism and Witchcraft what are the differences?

Come hear about the values of the pagan perspective, the practices, and the insights they provide. We will also explore highlights from The Parliament of the World’s Religion’s Day of Women’s Dignity in Toronto, Canada last November.

Bring your questions and spend some time exploring the positive aspects of the pagan path.

Our speaker, Moira Ashleigh, is member of the Glainn Sidhr Order and is a board member of the EarthSpirit Community with clergy credentials. She has taught at Rites of Spring, Twilight Covening, A Feast of Lights, Free Spirit, Pagan Pride, and was the coordinator of the EarthSpirit's "East" events for 20 years.

Moira has a Masters degree in Theater and Dance from Emerson College. She is a storyteller with her long-time partner Duncan Eagleson, and is the embodiment of the character RagRoot at the New York Faerie Festival. Moira is passionate about clean water and wildlife. She volunteers for the Mystic River Watershed Association and has won awards for her nature photography, which she uses to emotionally engage the public in the beauty and welfare of the natural world. She is an activist and has marched for the Environment, Peace, Anti-discrimination, End to Gun Violence and participated in two Women's' Marches.Moira is also on the Board of Directors for WRAM the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Massachusetts. She is involved in the local WordPress Community, and is on the volunteer organizing committee for WordCamp Boston.

Moira is a professional Web designer who began her design work for EarthSpirit with the Web pages for Rites of Spring in 1995, including the latest redesign in WordPress. Her personal business is SolsticeSun Design, and she is a managing partner at Corvid Design.

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