a private women’s club
nestled in the old mills of Dover NH


A Letter From Our Founder

::Avalon North:: is the manifestation of the dream that we are better together. Women are strongest and most beautiful when they raise each other up. We worship the feminine divine in loud, courageous ways, like leading revolutions, and in quiet courageous ways like making it to the grocery store with a crying baby on our hip. We do this even when we are tired or sad or afraid.

And we have all been tired, and sad, and afraid.

I believe we have come to a threshold moment in the history of humanity. And the old lies are true: all women are witches, and we know things. We have all felt the shift.

We are gutted by the collapse of our environment, our democracies, our civil rights, human decency, emotional competency, functional capitalism - all of it.

But we are emboldened by this too. Our hearts burnt to cinders are now gathering strength to regenerate. Thresholds are powerful places of catharsis.

What we choose to do now has potential to impact the world for generations to come. How we decide we want our world to be, matters. How we decide who we want to become, collectively and as individuals, matters. Taking action, matters.

Now is the time to rebuild our sacred spaces. Now is the time to gather and to rise. Now is the time to light the fires.

As women, just by being women, we are the embodiment of the feminine divine. When we come together, this expands exponentially. Together we seek to become the light in the darkness.

This strange and magical whisper of the feminine divine is universal. We are seeing it everywhere and we know you’ve seen it too. It is calling us all back home. We are the soldiers in the army of love; an army of strong, beautifully brilliant, courageous, talented and wickedly creative women.

We do not know what is coming, we do not know what we will become. The world is full of unknowns and nothing is permanent. But we are outrageously optimistic. Full to the brim, with hope and ideas.

We invite you to gather, to participate joyfully, and to embrace a fearless curiosity of what tomorrow’s horizon may bring.

Won’t you join us?

Jocelyn Toffic


Our mission

Avalon North is an educational and philanthropic organization founded by women for women. The mission of our social club and community gathering space is to provide creative respite from the world of patriarchal madness and to encourage the cultural, intellectual, and emotional growth of every woman in our community.


Avalon North’s monthly tithings support organizations that support women worldwide, and the balance of our proceeds are put towards savings to buy land in the North, where one day we hope to build a women's community and retreat to provide refuge and renewal for any woman who needs it.

photo by  Tanja Heffner

photo by Tanja Heffner


Women’s Clubs

“…most of which had started out as social and literary gatherings, eventually became a source of reform for various issues in the U.S. Both African-American and white women's clubs were involved with issues surrounding education, temperance, child labor, juvenile justice, legal reform, environmental protection, library creation and more. Women's clubs helped start many initiatives such as kindergartens and juvenile court systems. Later, women's clubs tackled issues like women's suffrage, lynching and family planning. The clubs allowed women, who had little political standing at the time, to gain greater influence in their communities.”

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