do you have a skill you would like to share with other women?

we are always looking for new event and workshop proposals

::Avalon North:: welcomes all ideas. Please come see us in person or fill out the below proposal form.
We’ll probably try anything once, tincture making, seances, craft workshops (always a hit), paint and sip nights, wine tastings, dance parties, poetry readings, blood moon sacrifices, mushroom foraging, sweat lodge making etc. Many of you have offered to volunteer your time, and we thank you graciously, but we prefer to set and maintain the precedent that women’s skills and artist/maker skills have monetary value. Our event hosting monetary structure is a 50/50 split with the Event Leader (you), and Avalon North (us). 25% of Avalon’s take is given to charity. We design all online media and events pages to push to our social media platforms as well as our website and ticketing platform. We will add you as host, or provide you with links, so you may promote them as well, if you wish. We design and print all marketing materials (full color flyers and handouts). Both parties are responsible for flyer distribution. Priority is given to members, but all ideas are wanted and special. just like you.

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