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There are many wonderful charities regionally and abroad that do good work, charities we’ve all heard of: Doctors Without Borders, Planned Parenthood, ACLU etc.
We will not be donating to these.
Instead our monthly tithings will go to organizations that fly a bit more under the radar. We will highlight lesser known charities to give them a boost and also to increase local awareness of the wide variety of charitable organizations both within our own communities and worldwide. All of our donation recipients will be heavily vetted to meet the highest standards of integrity, effectiveness, and fiscal transparency. We will be choosing 12 charities a year by committee. If you would like to join our charitable giving research team, or if you have a suggestion, please get in touch.

Every month 25% of our events’ proceeds will be donated though our tithings program.

MAY’s Tithing


Avalon North is proud to support the efforts of The Ainu Women's Conference-Menokososhi in Japan. Run by Ryoko Tahara, this organization seeks to keep centuries-old Ainu traditions alive through collaborative arts and performative work, while simultaneously working against long-held discriminations against this indigenous population. 

The Ainu Women's Conference-Menokososhi

More info on the Ainu


25% of proceeds from all April events at ::Avalon North:: will go to the National Mama’s Bail Out Day just in time for Mother’s Day

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Read the 2018 statement by National Bailout

“This Mother’s Day we are bailing out mamas in cities around the country to give incarcerated mothers an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families. National Mama’s Bail Out Day is coordinated effort by more than a dozen organizations to reunite families on Mother’s Day and bring attention to the true costs of money bail and mass incarceration. In the tradition of literally buying our people’s freedom, we are setting Black women and femmes free from the jaws of incarceration.

The impact of money bail on Black families cannot be understated. The two billion dollar bail bond industry is profiting from the separation and destruction of Black families. At least 80 percent of women caged behind bars are mothers and most of them are not found guilty. Many never will be. Yet, they are still in jail and separated from their families because they are simply too poor to afford bail. We are taking Black matters into Black hands and bailing out unconvicted women across the country.

Last year, we were able to bail out over 100 Black moms and caregivers. This year we are going even further. In February, we published a toolkit so communities across the country could join our efforts. Individuals and organizations across the country have been signing up to free Black mamas and they need your support.”