We house 9 private artist maker studios. These amazing women form the foundation of our structure. As a collective we range from fine arts to the trades and we are capable of everything from jewelry making to tile setting, with some professional dancing and web development thrown in for good measure. Please see our page of resident makers.


We have designs on an ambitious programming portfolio to include

  • political lectures, live election screenings, and political action workshops

  • guided outdoor excursions
    (such as our beginner’s winter hiking

  • guided city trips and museum visits

  • international group tours (Istanbul 2020)

  • religion and spirituality lecture series

  • william blake study group

  • feminist thought discussions

  • weekend yurt retreats

  • movie series (starting with the tarkovsky catalogue)

  • children’s movie series
    (starting with the miyazaki catalogue)

  • astrology and divination

  • artist and maker workshops (if you have workshop idea we would love to hear from you) send us a proposal

  • herbalism and tincture making

  • the ever-popular clothing swap (every other month)

  • children’s art workshops

  • death cafés

  • personal and professional growth workshops

  • dinner parties and dance parties

  • women’s meditation-based recovery meetings

  • full moon gatherings and winter spirals

  • bonfires


community space

So many of our magical moments are not found in doing a thing, they are found in the space between things. The quiet conversations with an old friend or a new one, about old dreams and new ideas. The way women can talk intimately and connect deeply with each other, oftentimes barely knowing each other, is the root of so much power. We aim to provide space for that too. The events are all wonderful and can facilitate new bonds, but the quieter make + hang (stitch & bitch) events or the coworking days or the clothing swaps are designed more for gathering than doing. Sometimes it’s nice to just exist in a room full of other women and feel calm and at home.


::Avalon North:: can only be as strong as the community of women it serves. Membership is the best way to get involved, share your strengths, and become part of a movement.

The Avalon Card is a great way to both support the club and receive a massive discount on events.
It is a monthly membership which entitles the bearer to 50% off events and up to 30% off workshops

Green Key Membership entitles the bearer to all of the Avalon Card privileges as well as 24 hour access to the gathering space and full use of Avalon’s community art supplies, tools and makerspace.

“Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul.”.png


Compassionate capitalism

We are not a non profit (nor do we plan on becoming one), but we are committed to an evolved model of economy. At ::Avalon North:: we believe we have an obligation to ethical, social, and environmentally aware practices and are committed to shifting the old ways, the profit god paradigm, into a kinder and gentler capitalism. One that can place our communities, our earth, and her people above the morally and environmentally destructive bycatch of mindless consumption and blind profiteering.

25% of our events’ proceeds will be donated to organizations that support women locally and worldwide beginning May 1, with National Mama’s Bail Out Day. A program that bails black mamas out of jail so they can be reunited with their children on Mother’s Day.

We also hope to build a robust scholarship fund so that any woman in our community will be able to attend our events and workshops regardless of her ability to pay. Please consider donating to our scholarship fund.