photo by Carol Smile


Many people have been asking how they can donate (a lot of men actually, bless) and we greatly appreciate it. This ambitious endeavor is not possible without the help of a truly amazing, thoughtful, and kind community. We are NOT a non-profit, and we do not plan on becoming one. There can be no tax write offs here.

What we are, is more of a no-profit organization. By design, our operation is focused on giving rather than consuming and profiteering. We believe in compassionate capitalism.

Our focus is multifaceted.

1.) 25% of Avalon’s proceeds from Events and Workshops are donated to charities supporting women and women’s rights, both locally and internationally.

2.) We are beginning an account to start a nest egg, savings to buy land in the North. So that one day we may build a permanent women’s retreat and refuge.

3.) We are here to create a community, to embolden women to participate in this community by accepting cash payment for the application of their artistic and practical skillset via our events programming. So many of you have come forward willing to lead workshops for free, and we love your enthusiasm. Through these conversations, we have found that women can be resistant to accepting money for their skills, either because of a giving nature or because perhaps we have been taught our work has lesser value and we have absorbed the lesson. Either way ::Avalon North:: is fully dedicated to shifting this mindset. We pay our Event Leaders and Artists. Period.

4.) We also wish to include any woman who wants to attend our events, regardless of her ability to pay. So we have started a scholarship account. The funds from this account will be used to cover the cost of events and workshops and even memberships for women who want it, whenever possible.

We know some will hesitate at our lack of non profit status, and we understand.
Just know that our word is our bond, our hearts are clear, and our books are both impeccable and open to any donor who wishes to see them.

So if you wish to give, we thank you for your trust and your generosity. If you would like your donation earmarked for the scholarship fund, please check the appropriate box at checkout. Otherwise it will be allocated to our general use fund, where it is also much needed and appreciated, as we still have much work to do in regards to build out and supply gathering.

:: blessed be ::


If you are represent a company that would like to sponsor an event, we’d love to talk to you


AND if you are doing some purging, we are always accepting art and craft donations. What we can not use will be put in our semi-annual art swap. Text 603-866-6178 to schedule a drop off.